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  • The Kings Walk at El Chorro

    The most exciting new attraction in Spain is now open and it’s just a 90 minute drive from Marbella!The Kings Walk at El Chorro Spain

    The Caminito del Rey, or as us English say it the Kings Walk in Andalucia is now open. Well the ‘new’ Kings Walk has now been re-opened is a little more accurate. The old Kings Walk fell into a state of bad disrepair many years ago and became known as the ‘World’s most dangerous walkway’. In recent years it has been closed to the public after several tragic deaths, only being used by daredevils and experienced climbers. 

    But its great news that, after a multi-million euro renovation, the new Kings Walk is now open. This is probably the biggest new attraction in Spain and possibly the best new natural attraction in Europe. It’s a breath-taking activity in an area of breath-taking beauty. 

    A must do activity, for those who love the great outdoors and adventure, when visiting Andalucia

    What is the Caminito del Rey?

    A wooden walkway, clinging to the near vertical cliff edges, over 100m above the bottom of a beautiful gorge, the Kings Walk is an amazing feat of engineering and a stunning high thrills way of seeing the Gorge. It is attached to the steep cliffs of the spectacular 700m deep Desfiladero de los Gaitanes gorge, which was carved by the river Guadalhorce and is only a dramatic 10 meters wide in places. 

    The walkway runs for 3km with the old ‘World’s Most Dangerous Walkway’ which has been left in place run close by. Taking a look at the old walkway you will understand why the vultures and eagles are circling overhead! 

    The new walkaway offers ‘most’ of the thrills of the old walkway without the life threatening element!

    Where is the new Kings Walk?

    The Kings Walk is located in the spectacular El Chorro area, just north of Alora and east of Ardales. It is about a 90 minute drive from Marbella. Head North from La Cañada past Ojen and Monda heading toward Alora or Ardales. Both routes offer beautiful scenery. The route from Ardales takes you past the lakes and the route via Alora takes you up the river valler alongside the old aquaducts. 

    This is an area I love to visit – see previous posts on this Blog about El Chorro. It’s a highly recommended day out.

    Things to do in El Chorro

    The Kings Walk at El ChorroThis area is a great playground for lovers of outdoor sports and activities. There are numerous climbing schools offering rock climbing in the area. The lakes are popular, especially in the summer months for swimming, kayaking and fishing. Locals dive and jump from the surrounding cliffs into the lake below. 

    Horse riding and mountain biking are also great activities in these spectacular surroundings.

    Caminito del Rey tickets?

    Tickets can be booked online from the website here, but a warning for those wanting to walk the walk as soon as possible. 

    Due to the expected huge demand, for such a great new activity and limited availability, it is currently fully booked for the first few months.

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