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A few helpful notes about the weather in Marbella

Marbella has a fantastic climate, often called the California of Europe, with an average of 320 days of sunshine each year - I was very sceptical of this figure when I first started to visit regularly - I must have hit pretty much 50% of the 45 days of rain in my first year of regular visits!  However now I have lived here for many years I feel it is about right.  It is a great place to live for outdoor enthusiasts.

Marbella in Winter

The winters are very mild with average day time peaks of around 16 degrees in the coldest months.  But even in January and February you can still experience 20+, and it is plenty warm enough to be sitting in the sun, or even on the beach in shorts and t-shirt if you are out of the wind.  The braver still get in the sea at this time of year.  One important thing to bear in mind, when visiting Spain in the winter months, is the fact that most Spanish properties are designed to emit heat, not retain it.  So the saying "Spain in winter - 16 degrees outside, 16 degrees inside!" is often very true.  Look for accommodation with heating when visiting from November through March.  And whilst 'altitude is your friend' rings true when flying, it is not your friend when looking for warm overnight Winter temperatures in Spain!  The higher up you are will make quite a difference.  Coin, just up the hill from Marbella, will experience regular ground frosts in the winter, almost unheard of in Marbella nearer sea level.

Outdoor unheated swimming pools tend to be out of service for the average mortals (uncomfortably cold - below 20 degrees) from the end of October until late April.

Marbella in Summer

Marbella in summer is a stunning climate.  Hot and dry explains it well, without the harsh humidity experienced in other hot countries.  It is a popular escape from the intense heat of the Middle East for many Arab visitors in the summer months, and of course an escape from the cold and damp for many visitors from Northern Europe. 

A local Spanish saying states "Do not put away your vest until the 40th May", which pretty much states that after the first week in June you are very unlucky to have any measurable rain or bad weather until September.

Marbella in Spring

I guess Spring starts about the start of March, and along with April and May these are superb months to visit Andalusia, the countryside is awash with very colorful wild flowers and the place is generally still very green and lush from the winter.  You can get wet weather at this time but the good days are lovely without the fiercer heat and crowds of mid summer.

Marbella in Autumn

September and October are also superb months to visit the Costa del Sol area, with the summer crowds having left and the day time temperatures having dropped a little.  Evenings are still pleasant and the pools are still in use.