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A few helpful notes when hiring cars from Malaga Airport!

Be prepared to pick up a bit of a banger - hire cars in Spain tend to reflect the way most Spanish owners treat their vehicles - solely as a piece of tin, which is a means of transport. Many Spanish drivers will happily nudge and bump park, I've seen them do this with their own brand new high end cars. There is no malice, they simply do not have the pride in vehicles I have grown up used to with in the UK. As a result most cars which have been used here for a month or more have all the corners scraped, car park shopping bumps in the doors, etc. So a bit of a banger is really just the job - In general you will not need to go round the car with a fine tooth comb marking all the bumps and bashes on your rental form - it would take an hour! and it is usually accepted that you took it away damaged and you will bring it back damaged! Tyres and glass are the only exceptions. Hire cars here also tend to be older and higher milage than the cars I have hired in other countries.

Malaga Airport Car Hire Company Reviews

I regularly hire cars from Malaga Airport - here's a few comments and reviews for the ones I have used recently:

Gold Car - I have used Gold Car car rentals from Malaga Airport a few times now, and the cars they have tend to be much newer, and in far better condition than others I have rented from. Given the facts above this is not always an advantage but they do seem to offer better cars. 9/10

Helle Hollis - Good service and OK car (bearing in mind the above comments!) 8/10

Marbesol - Good service and decent car (bearing in mind the above comments!) 9/10

MalagaCar - Good service and decent car (2nd time around the first car was swapped no problem as it was making some worrying noises!) 7/10

Sol Y Mar - Lousy service and ripped me off for a late return fee of €20 despite the fact I had called them twice to book and confirm an extra days rental, at an vastly inflated rate, following a months hire. I had in fact returned the car 19 hours early. They did eventually refund me this cash after two complaint emails but I used them again recently and the staff are pretty miserable.0/10

Malaga Airport Car Hire - Collecting your car

Make a note of where you are collecting you car from - some of the car hire companies are off site and offer a courtesy coach to take you to and from the airport. Others are within Malaga airport. If you are using an off site provider they usually have your name and a greeter waiting for you as you come out of the baggage reclaims area to direct you to their coach.